Clara Jadele is 3!

It's hard to believe that our baby is 3 years old today.  

When we were at the hospital for Eliah's birth, we had already decided to be done having kids.  But, there was no peace within me about our decision.  Sergio gently looked at me and told me that we didn't need to make the decision today, but could wait & pray.  

18 months after Eliah came, Clara was born.  

I had to have cesearens with each child.  As soon as our doctor opened me up & pulled her head out, she screamed.  Not an "oh, this is a sweet first cry", but more like a "put her back!  She's not ready!" kind of cry" 


Clara was persisted.  She screamed for a little over 24 hours straight.  I'm not kidding when I say this.  She did not sleep.  She just kept screaming.  The nurses tried their best to calm her down so that I could sleep.  It didn't work.  I could hear her screaming from down the hall.  I cried & asked God why He would do this to me (like it was His fault!).  I texted my friends to pray for me.  I was scared.  I had already had a 6 yr old, 2.5 yr old, & 18 month old baby at home.  I prayed for strength. 

After 24 hrs, she finally ate.  We finally slept.  And she hasn't screamed like that since. 

She is a beautiful little girl.  She loves her siblings deeply.  She is witty, peaceful, a great hugger, & always glued to my side.  

I could not imagine our family without her.  She is one of four best gifts that God has given to us.  

If you haven't met her, I hope that someday you will.  She brings sunshine to each day....the kind of joy that we all need to feel.  

Happy birthday, Clara Jadele.  You are well loved by us all.