Antique Door To Message Board

About a year ago, I was given a couple of free doors by a sweet, young lady.  I immediately made the first one into a message board and sold it on Craigslist after realizing that it wasn't going to work in my house.

I hated to part with it.  It was slender and super cute.  

I've been holding on to the second door and decided that we needed more space in the garage.  I posted in on Craigslist as-is and received no phone calls.

Here's one side of the door:

It's a great door.  The other side of the door looks even better. 

I love the blue color, but it was bubbly and in need of work.  With inspiration from the first door, this door got a shabby chic new do, too.

I simply slapped on a coat of white paint, sanded it, added chalk paint, & it's ready to be sold.

Let's see it again.  It went from this....

to this....

I'd keep her, but she's just not my husband's type.

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  1. looks fabulous! i just did a smaller version a week or so ago! i love chalkboard anything! :)


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